My name is Christian LeBlanc and I'm a travel filmmaker born and raised in Canada.

At a young age I knew I wanted to make my own money and be able to work from a laptop so I decided to start building the skills that I thought would help me get there. Around 18 I applied and was admitted to the University of British Columbia where I began studying business. I knew I was best in marketing and sales but I wanted to force myself to learn something that didn’t come naturally and that led me to the world of … ACCOUNTING. For me, accounting would become my worst enemy. I saw my interest in school quickly drop and my grades going from A’s to low B’s. But little did I know choosing the accounting route would also be the reason I would soon drop all my comforts in Canada and go off on a quest to find something I was passionate about. 

During my last semester of Uni I wanted to change up my surroundings so I took my last few classes on exchange at the University of Chulalongkorn in Bangkok Thailand. In all honesty, I was a little scared. I had friends, family, a girlfriend and so much more that was back in Canada and I was headed off to a country I knew nothing about. This was the beginning of what would be the best decision of my life. The second best decision was to make little personal diary style videos of my everyday life in Bangkok. I had no film background and never really had any interest in it, but I bought a GoPro Hero4 Silver and began making super basic “vlogs” to share what I was up to with my friends and family and to be able to keep these memories for when I got older and times were less interesting. 

As I said, my videos were BASIC at best, but why tell you when you can see for yourself.

These original videos were where I taught myself the basics of filmmaking and with time, I discovered my love for it. Back then, my videos would get 10 to 50 views in the first week but when I began posting dozens of them, I started noticing that one or two of them would go on to get 100 or even 500 views. To my surprise, I even started to get regular commenters that for some crazy reason, wanted to keep watching me. Now, I never started YouTube to become a YouTuber. I thought it was just a good and free place to store my videos but this was the very beginning of the formation of the Team Get Lost community. Actually, at this time it was called “Christian’s Travel Vlog”. 

Fast forward 8 months, I had completed my Bangkok School exchange and graduated, I had backpacked with my then girlfriend to 8 or so countries and had posted maybe 30 to 40 videos. I returned back to Canada and I had been fortunate to land what many in university had considered to be a “dream job”. I began working with one of the big 4 accounting firms in downtown Vancouver so that I could get my CPA and then go on to create my own business. Only about 3 months into working the corporate 9-7 grind I started to realize how much I missed the small things in life. Being on a scooter chasing sunset, editing my videos with a Pad Thai and Chang beer. My mind would wander all day asking myself how I could make a lifestyle out of these things and I began to look at my micro community on YouTube. At the time I had maybe 2,000 subscribers and a daily growth rate of around 50. I did the simple math. If I did nothing for 365 days, I would have over 20,000 subscribers by next year. What would happen if I made it my full time job to make 1 video a day? And just like that, an idea was born. I didn’t know how I would monetize my YouTube page or if it would ever last, but I knew if I never tried it, it would be my biggest regret. A “What If” that would be with me for life. 

So, just a few months into working downtown, I sold my car, prematurely canceled my apartment rental and handed in my resignation. It was time to find a way to sink or swim. At this time, I maybe had 2K USD to my name and I needed equipment and a ticket to get back to Southeast Asia. So I began working for a friend in construction making some fast cash and sending proposals to camera companies to sponsor me in my early ventures. By some crazy chance, Panasonic found something about my story that they believed in and they gave me a Panasonic GH4 and lens. Something I could have never afforded in my early stages. A few weeks and weekends went by of working long hours in construction and my bank account balance after buying a 1 way ticket to Thailand was around 4K USD.

I actually made a video about this moment of my life if you wanna check it out.

Fast forward 3 years from the day I quit my job and A LOT has changed. The channel has now been able to share with over 100 million people and the Team Get Lost community is around 2M strong. Today, I live out my childhood dream everyday. Moving from place to place, meeting new people, going on new adventures and being able to monetize my lifestyle. And monetize it really well. I am making far more than I ever could have as an employee and I do not take that for-granted. A combination of luck, and INSANE amount of work. I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone. I love what I do and I don’t have any plans to stop.

My life was changed by an idea, a GoPro and a dedication to my vision. If you feel like I did, take the chance and dedicate your life to chasing that passion. When you chase your passions, you can’t fail. If you are wanting to be a “influencer”, “filmmaker”, “content creator”, “traveler”, “creative”, “digital nomad” or really any other kind of entrepreneur, then I have some resources to get you started:

This editing course will give you my entire workflow on how I create one of my best videos.

This will give you an exclusive behind the scenes to my business.

I hope sharing my story was a small bit of inspiration for you because if I can do it, so can you. Get started today in chasing your dreams because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Let’s Get Lost,

Christian LeBlanc