I have started a community where I help you travel the world and start a social media business!

You made it this far, so you're obviously a part of #TeamGetLost. And here at #TeamGetLost, we pursue passion. Welcome to the heartbeat of the action!

Just like me, I am willing to bet that you have a passion to see new places around the world or make a business in social media.

As a Patron you will have an exclusive video with a raw, behind-the-scenes look at our travels and how I manage my businesses from a laptop.

  • You will learn practical travel tips from our travels for your own adventures. I will show you location-specific information about how to save money on the road, how to find the best places to stay, and more. You will also see what not to do as I share when things go wrong. I can answer your questions in exclusive Q+A's to help you plan your trips.

  • You will learn practical success secrets in the business of online video. The exclusive videos reveal how Lost LeBlanc has reached 60+ million people worldwide and how you can run a complex media business with multiple revenue streams. You will learn from what I have experienced in the past and how I face the challenges of the future. You will also learn how to improve your trade as photographer and videographer. And if you have questions, the Q+A's are there to help you learn!

I look forward to helping you pursue your passion!
Christian LeBlanc