Are YOU looking to get yourself on the map as a travel vlogger? Are you just looking to make an unforgettable travel video for your recent vacation?

Either way, this guide has been developed to help you jump right into editing travel videos at a professional level, regardless of your current skills. My passion for travel and filmmaking set me free from the corporate 9-5 and my goal is to teach you how to do the same and it all starts right here.

If you are ready to learn from my years of travel filmmaking, this course is here to help you skip the massive learning curve and get you started on creating some travel videos that will have your friends wondering if you traveled with a Hollywood film crew.

This guide is a 6+ hour online streaming video course in which I show you the complete process of editing one of my favorite travel vlogs. The guide is filmed using a screen recording and me in a studio walking you through the entire edit as we go from A to Z. No steps or details are left behind so that at the end of the course, you will know how to make a video just like mine.

In this guide we cover:

  • How to Set Up your Project

  • How to Cut and Organize your Footage Across Several Cameras

  • How to Create a Compelling Story Using your Footage

  • How to Select and Cut Cinematics

  • How to Edit Drone Cinematics

  • How to Shoot Better Videos for Editing

  • How to use Speed Ramping and Motion Based Transitions (No Plug-ins Required)

  • How to Chose the right Music and Edit to the Rhythm.

  • How to Color Grade (No Plug-ins Required)

  • How to Finalize and Export Your Project

  • And Countless Other Lessons

This video course is filmed using Final Cut Pro X, however, if you use Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or any other editing software, this video is still for YOU.

The course does not extensively focus on the hot keys or shortcuts of any one software brand, but it entirely focuses on the practices, strategies and secrets behind every single one of the videos I create and these lessons are crucial regardless of what software you use.

If you’re ready to build and improve your skills as a filmmaker, then Let’s Get Lost in the full course!