Lost LeBlanc Remote Video Editor

Please read this entire form carefully before submitting.

I am looking for a remote video editor to join the Lost LeBlanc team. This person will not be traveling with me. This will be an independent contractor position, with work load expected to be about 40 hours per week. Must be able to edit proficiently with Final Cut Pro X. Must speak and understand English proficiently. Must provide own laptop/computer that is powerful enough to handle processing very large files. Must provide consistent access to an Internet connection with fast upload/download speeds, since all file transfers for this remote position will be over the Internet. Must be able to work on multiple projects with different deadlines and meet all deadlines.

Upon submitting this application, you will be given a download link with a folder of video files. Your task is to edit those files into a Lost LeBlanc video. Your application is not complete without it. You will have 72 hours to complete this task, starting the moment you submit this application. Part of this application process is to test your ability to complete projects throughly and on time, so late submissions will not be considered. When you are finished with the video, you must upload it as unlisted to YouTube and email lostleblanc@gmail.com with the link. In your submission email, include “Editor Application - [Your Name]” in the subject line.

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Please include links to past works. If you have had any formal training, please list that here as well.