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If you're going to Bali you have to go with my good friend Panca! He is the most knowledgeable and all around awesome dude in Bali. Check out our unforgettable day with the man himself!


If you're visiting Bali and want a guide, look no further. I swear by it.
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My Gear and Equipment!

There is a ton of camera gear on the market and each vlogger has there own preferences. When creating travel content, especially as a backpacker, portability and affordability are essential. Over my past year and a half on the road, I believe I have found a set that works for everyone from the beginner to the expert.

When I’m on the road, I manage to fit a drone, laptop, mirrorless camera, vlog camera and action cameras all in one bag that can be carried on to any plane. I would go as far as saying it’s the PERFECT travel vlogger set up with a great balance between cost and performance.

This video shares each piece of equipment that I use and what you can expect from it.

If you’re not in a financial position to get started with this kind of set, don’t fret! As I said before. The most important part of being a vlogger is YOU. Tell a great story and people will watch whether it was filmed on a GoPro or a professional grade camera.

Ps. I vlogged my entire first year with just a GoPro Hero 4 Silver! Just get started 

Go out there and #GetLost


The highlight of my time in Asia was Coron. This place is what you dream of when you imagine an island escape. Cerulean blue waters, exaggerated cliffs and an unparalleled experience of being LOST in the tropics. This is the crown Jewel of the Philippines and probably Southeast Asia. But don't take my opinion, see for yourself! This video is one of my favourites and quickly becoming one of my most viewed. Linked below! #GetLost   


One of my most successful videos ever was shot in Negros, Philippines when my friend Ronny and I (@droneheroes) went and explored the almost unheard of Manjuyod Sandbar in the Philippines. That day we captured some of the most stunning aerial shots showcasing what looks almost identical to the picturesque Maldives. Our video exploded getting 350K views on Facebook in just 48 hours. Today the video has been viewed over 1M times across platforms and the term I coined "Maldives of the Philippines" almost doubles as the sandbar's actual name. Video linked below! #GetLost


My beautiful girlfriend, Laura Reid, and I had the extreme pleasure of visiting 9 Asian countries in 2015. Of all these countries, our favourite was the Philippines! In 2016 we revisited the Philippines with one grand mission. To share the beauty of this country like never before. For years, El Nido has been crowned the "most beautiful islands in the world" and this was Laura and I's video to prove it. Video linked below! #GetLost