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Having lived in Bali for two years and traveled through it for five, Bali is easily one of my favorite places in the world and I feel like I know it pretty well. That’s why I’ve created the ultimate two-week Bali itinerary, with so much to see on this beautiful island it’s going to be a jam-packed adventure full of beaches, waterfalls, rice terraces and so much more!


There are three main ways you can travel around Bali.

Firstly, you can rent a scooter for around 50,000 IDR ~ $4 USD per day from most hotels, guesthouses, Airbnb’s or just search online; it’s the easiest way to travel around the Canggu/Seminyak area if you’re just planning on relaxing and cafe hopping.

Secondly, you can hire a driver for roughly 500,000 IDR ~ $35 USD for the whole day. Or hire a tour guide (price varies). The main difference between a tour guide and a driver is that the tour guide will show you around each destination and help you really experience them, rather than just dropping you off and waiting outside. My go-to man and the best tour guide in Bali is without a doubt Pancha with Bali Customized Tours. 

Agoda is a great place to book your accommodation for Bali, especially because many hotels offer free cancellation - perfect if you want some flexibility with your trip to Bali! Check out the latest prices here.



Just about everyone coming to Bali will be flying internationally so you'll probably be feeling a little bit jet-lagged. Take the first two days pretty easy, and spend it in either Seminyak or Canggu. Canggu is my personal favorite and is the place that I call home. To get to Canggu or Seminyak, it will cost you about $14 USD ~ 200,000 IDR; but there are definitely ways to do it cheaper, which is covered in my in-depth Bali travel guide.


Most hotels come with a complimentary breakfast, but in my opinion, breakfast is something Bali does best! Take your pick of the countless restaurants and get yourself some avocado toast, eggs benedict or a smoothie bowl, whatever you’re feeling - there are so many amazing food options with some tasty options also in my Bali travel guide. 

Because you’re probably still feeling a bit tired, today is all about chilling and hanging out by the beach or the pool. Canggu and Seminyak are known for their surf, so this is a great time to have a go. If you consider yourself a beginner, Berawa beach in Canggu or Kuta beach are both really great places to learn. If you’re more of an advanced surfer, head towards Echo beach for some bigger waves. 

After a relaxing day, catch one of the famous Bali sunsets at Tanah Lot (IDR 60.000 / person + IDR 2.000 / scooter), a beautiful oceanfront temple - but be warned it will be crowdy at sunset! If you’d rather take it easy, check out one of the beach bars; my favorite is La Barisa. Canggu and Seminyak are also known for their nightlife; there will be something going on every night of the week. If you’re staying in Canggu, check out Old Mans or the Lawn and if you’re staying in Seminyak then a really cool spot is La Favela.

Lost LeBlanc at sunset on beach in Canggu, Bali


For day number three, get started bright and early so that you can avoid the crazy Bali traffic. Head down to Uluwatu for the day, the beach capital of mainland Bali. Uluwatu has blue water, incredible surf, and a jagged cliffside; it’s one of the top choices for experienced surfers coming to Bali.

Take your pick of the incredible beaches and just hang out, even if you’re not a surfer. Bingin beach, Balangan beach, Sundays Beach Club, Karma beach and Padang-Padang beach are all great beaches with food options available. If you’re not the type to sit on a beach all day, then head to a day club - Omnia, perched on top of a cliff overlooking the sea; my favorite day club but very expensive.

For sunset, you have many options:

  • Korang Boma, a beautiful cliffside view with a sudden drop going down to the ocean; both great for photos and watching the sunset going beneath the horizon.

  • Watch Kecak ‘Fire’ dance show at Pura Luhur, Uluwatu (40,000 IDR entrance and 100,000 IDR to watch the show). 

  • Head to one of the restaurants overlooking Suluban Beach (also known as Blue Point beach) for a great sunset view.

If you’re planning to stay the night in Uluwatu and looking for a crazy night out, Single Fins host one of the biggest parties in Bali every Sunday. Hundreds of people come to this club right on the cliffside - it can get a little messy but it’s a lot of fun. 


If you’re feeling fresh, get up bright and early, grab a quick breakfast and head to Ubud in central Bali. During rush hour, your journey will take double or even triple the amount of time it should because Bali traffic can be really bad. Once in Ubud, check into your hotel for the next two nights. One of the best things about this region is how lush and green it is; there are countless rice terraces and beautiful waterfalls all over central and north Bali. Head to one of the waterfalls near Ubud, my favorite being Nung Nung for a refreshing morning dip. The next place to head is Monkey Forest, home to over one thousand uncaged monkeys - just try to avoid eye contact! After chasing waterfalls and hanging with monkeys, you're probably feeling a little bit tired, so go back to your hotel room to freshen up. 

Just before sunset head to Campuhan Ridge Walk for a beautiful sunset stroll with incredible views. To find this walk just search for Warwick IBAH, it’s just outside of central Ubud. Once you see the Warwick IBAH sign turn in and head left (there will be a sign saying ‘going to the hill’ pointing left). There is a little car park on your left. Walk down to some stairs and there should be a sign saying ‘this way Trekking Campuhan Ridge’, pointing to the right-hand stairs, follow that route round you’ll get to the ridge. From the walk, grab an early dinner in Ubud because tomorrow morning will be an early one!

Lost LeBlanc and WhatTheChic on Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud, Bali


Set your alarm because it’s time to get up before the sun does. Head to Tegalalang Rice Fields, one of the most beautiful places in Bali to catch the sunrise. Also, if you arrive much later the whole of Tegalalang will be full of people and it takes away from the beauty of this place. To add a little Balinese culture visit Tirta Empul Temple. Bali is primarily a Hindu island and this is one of the places that the Balinese people come to purify themselves. What makes Tirta Empul Temple so special is that the Balinese are more than willing to share their culture and religion with you, so you can experience the water purification for yourself. From Tirta Empul, head over to Tukad Cepung waterfall offering the most amazing morning light rays through the rocks, perfect for incredible photos and videos.

It’s only mid-morning but you’ll feel like its been a full day because of the early start. Grab some breakfast, head back to your hotel and relax or wander around Ubud Market for a few hours. After a bit of downtime, take the two-hour drive to Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, a UNESCO heritage site to see the Balinese people working in the rice fields as they have done for many years; it’s an absolutely incredible place to catch the sunset. Finish up with dinner in Ubud and call it a night - you’ll be knackered. 

View of Tegalalang Rice Fields in Ubud, Bali


Travel north to Ulun Danu, a beautiful waterfront temple. If you get up nice and early, you can often catch a beautiful sunrise here. Next, stop for a quick photo at Handara Gate. In reality, Handara Gate is just the entrance to a golf course, so there isn’t anything culturally significant about it, but it’s a great photo opportunity - if you can beat the lines and get there early! Carry on all the way to Sekumpul Waterfall, a massive set of waterfalls. Because of the nature of this waterfall, I’d recommend hiring either a local guide on arrival or having a tour guide for the day. I visited Sekumpul with Panca, he knew some of the locals in this community so they were able to take me to some of the most incredible spots in Sekumpul - a natural waterslide, a cliff jumping spot and a perspective of the waterfall I have never seen before. This is by far my favorite day trip while in Bali!

Rather than heading back to Ubud for the night, end the day in Sideman, Karangasem region; one of my favorite areas in Bali and a place that most people never get to see. Sideman is incredibly laid back, offering that Balinese cultural experience; it’s a must, especially if you’re traveling as a couple. 

What The Chic at Sekumpal Waterfall, Bali, Indonesia copy


Spend the day exploring some of the Karangasem gems. Start off at Samsara living to immerse yourself fully into the Balinese culture. Then for some adventure, try river rafting; a great way to view the beauty of Bali. Next, visit Agung Silver in Sideman and make your own jewelry; I live in my ring! End the day with a relaxed and laid-back sunset by the pool wherever you’re staying.

Balinese man at Samsara Living, Bali


After a full week of fast-paced travel, you’re going to want to take a day off to relax, trust me. That’s why I have suggested staying in Sideman. Choose your hotel wisely and you’ll have somewhere comfortable to hang out all day by the pool with a beautiful view.

Check out my Youtube video on the Karangasem region to see this beautiful place for yourself. I’m also going to go into more detail about it’s hidden gems and where to stay in Sideman in the next blog, so keep an eye out for that!


Check out of your hotel and take a minivan to Padang Bai (book this through your hotel or online through the speed boat providers such as Bluewater Express). Padang Bai is one of the ports with ferries to the Gili Islands. Gili Trawangan is the main, largest and party island out of the three Gili islands. Nevertheless, it also has some incredibly relaxing spots, so by no means a place you have to party if you don’t want to. 

Check into your hotel or guesthouse and rent a bicycle to go explore - there are no cars on the islands, only horses and bikes. Grab a snorkel and head for a swim; the water visibility is incredible on most days. The side of the island that your boat arrived, is where you’ll find the best snorkeling along the reef. 

For sunset, there are loads of beachfront bars but I really love hanging out by the swings. Try to find one away from the crowds or it won’t be the relaxing sunset you were after and you’ll be queuing for 10 seconds on the swing. For dinner, head to the Gili local market for some great fresh food then head onto a bar and enjoy the live music.

WhatTheChic and Lost LeBlanc on swing in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia


Day ten is going to be an island-hopping day. If you’re not too hungover and can face an early wake-up, hire a boat early to take you out on a snorkeling island hopping tour before the crowds (or hire a kayak and head straight to the underwater statues near Gili Meno). If you’re feeling a little worse for wear, just head out when suits and hop on a boat trip taking you to Gili Meno and Gili Air, you just might not have the best snorkeling spots to yourself. After a busy day of swimming, catch another amazing Gili sunset and enjoy a relaxing dinner before leaving tomorrow.

Lost LeBlanc and What The Chic Snorkelling at the Gili Meno Statue, Indonesia


Check out your hotel and take the fast boat to Nusa Lembongan. Head to your accommodation and rent a scooter for the next two days. Head straight out on your bike to explore beautiful Nusa Lembongan, visiting some of Nusa’s best beaches: Dream beach, Sanday Bay and Mushroom Bay. Then you MUST catch the sunset at Devil’s Tear, it’ll be worth it!

Drone Shot of Beach in Nusa Lembongan Indonesia


If you haven’t already, head across the yellow bridge to Nusa Ceningan, which is basically the twin-island of Nusa Lembongan. From there, explore the island and if you’re feeling brave take a trip to the Blue Lagoon cliff jump. Watch the sunset at Mahana Point, grab some dinner and head back to your hotel.  


Hop on a local boat to Nusa Penida, it’ll take no more than 30 minutes. Check into your accommodation and if you’re a comfortable rider (the roads aren’t great), hire a bike again for two days or grab a driver for the duration of your stay. Start off your trip by exploring the east side of Nusa Penida, making sure to visit Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach and KelingKing and sunset at Crystal Bay. 

What The Chic on stairs in Nusa Penida, Indonesia


Wake up bright and early and head to the Rumah Pohon Molenteng Treehouse on Atuh and Diamond beach cliffside. You could easily spend the whole day here, exploring Atuh beach and Diamond beach, but keep in mind the time if you need to make it back to Bali today, you don’t want to miss the last boat at around 4.30 pm (check this schedule in advance as it can change). If you don’t need to be catching a flight the next day, spend another in Nusa Penida so you can go on a snorkeling tour to swim with manta rays, an amazing experience!

You’ll arrive back at Sanur port, head to your hotel in Seminyak or Canggu ready for your flight out of Bali.

Lost LeBlanc and What The Chic on stairs at treehouse overlooking Atuh in Nusa Penida, Indonesia

That is my two week Bali travel itinerary. Of course, there is so much more you could see; you could easily spend a month in Bali, but this is for those who are tight for time but still want to see the best that Bali has to offer. My in-depth Bali Travel Guide shows all of my favorite hidden gems, viewpoints, restaurants, clubs and so much more, so make sure to check that out - there is a free preview that can help you get started for your upcoming trip. 


Let’s get lost in the next one!

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