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Lofoten in Norway is one of the most beautiful destinations on earth and to witness the midnight sun made our trip here even more spectacular. From staying at Hattvika Lodge to exploring the soccer field in Henningsvær, Lofoten is a place you must add to your bucket list!

Lost LeBlanc by red rorbu in Lofoten, Norway

After an incredible 9-day road trip through mainland Norway, it was time to head on our next Norweigan adventure. Three flights later, including the shortest flight I have ever taken - 20 minutes, we arrived in Lofoten, an archipelago in the north of Norway. As much as it pains me to pay the prices Norway charges for rental cars, Sixt car rentals by far offered us the best price at 80 USD per day. 

If time isn’t an issue, have a look at the cost of flying to Bodø, hiring a car there and catching the ferry over to Lofoten - you may save a few pennies. 

Lofoten is perfection; incredible scenery sounded by white, yellow and red cabins, known as Rorbu. Originally, the colours showed the level of income. Red paint was the cheapest - essentially just cod liver oil whereas the white and red paint was more expensive because they had to use real flowers to get the colour. One thing I wasn’t expecting from Lofoten was the beaches. They actually compare to the Philippines, although not necessarily the same temperature as the Philippines at about 8° - don’t dip your feet, just enjoy the view! However, if you surf, this is definitely a place to add to your bucket list - surfing in the arctic circle. 

Lost LeBlanc with view of beach in Lofoten, Norway


For our three nights in Lofoten, we stayed at Hattvika Lodge. Dating back to the 1800s, Hattvika Lodge was initially used for fishing; now it’s home to beautiful converted modern lodges - ours even had an outdoor jacuzzi! Christian, the owner, and his wife put so much heart and love into Hattvika, it’s truly a special place to stay and I could not recommend it more. 

Lost LeBlanc and WhatTheChic looking out the window at Hattvika Lodge in Lofoten, Norway


Experiencing the midnight sun - a natural phenomenon - was on my bucket list. From the end of May to the end of July, the sun will spiral around the sky but never fully go below the horizon, meaning the sun remains visible all night; something I have always wanted to experience; a never-ending day. The beautiful sunlight that happens during the summer months comes at a cost; the winter months are brutal. From around December 22nd - January 6th, Lofoten will not see the sun at all, it’ll never rise above the horizon.

For one of our nights experiencing the midnight sun, we chose to hike Mannen; a 1.5 hour, easy to medium level hike overlooking Uttakleiv, Haukland and Yttersia beaches. The unforgettable 360° view made up for the lack of sleep, pain and falling in sheep poo! Despite being an incredible hike, Mannen isn’t necessarily the best spot for the midnight sun as it dips behind the mountain. Therefore, if you’re planning a trip yourself, maybe check out one of these places instead: 

  • Hike up Ryten (about 1 hour) to get the view over Kvalvika beach. At the top of this hike, there’s a jutting out rock, similar to Trolltunga.

  • Eggum in Northern Lofoten, with a free amphitheater area offering amazing views over the sea.

Midnight sun over beach in Lofoten, Norway


Even if you aren’t planning a trip to Norway during the period of the midnight sun, Lofoten should still be top of your list as places to visit due to its staggering landscape.

Make sure to check out: 

  • Hamnøy village, stopping at Hamnøy bridge photo spot for the view of the red cabins

  • Sakrisoy Village - a fishing village with yellow cabins around the fjord

  • Reine, a fishing village full of red cabins and rugged peaks

    • Stop by Daniel’s Bridge - best for photos as it starts to get slightly darker in the evening (or to shoot the northern lights), with the glowing lights from the village and Hammarskafte mountain in the background.

  • Reinebringen hike (3 hour round trip) with a panorama of Reinefjorden (gets closed during the winter)

  • Rambergstranda beach - a picturesque single red cabin on the beach with a mountainous backdrop

  • Visit Haukland beach (white sand) and Uttakleiv beach, both within a 10-minute drive of each other and both known for their turquoise waters

  • Henningsvær - World's most uniquely located soccer pitch

The football pitch in Lofoten, Norway - most unusually located football pitch

Lofoten, Norway is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever traveled. I’m very grateful to have seen this beautiful place and experienced an incredible natural phenomenon. Lofoten is a must-visit location for anyone but in particular, photographers!

This Norweigan adventure was amazing. I’ve made it my goal to come back and explore more of this incredible country. Take a look at my Norweigan Road Trip in 4 minutes video to see how breathtaking Norway is for yourself! I know I say this a lot, but it’s definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited; I was blown away!


Remember, let’s get lost again in the next one! 

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