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Today begins the next big chapter in your life. 

Start making thousands of dollars today as a content creator and do it from ANYWHERE.

From the creative to the business side of working with a camera, I will teach you EVERYTHING I know. I will personally mentor you and guide you through the same skills and practices that took the Lost LeBlanc channel from being the tales of a broke backpacker to today being a 7-figure business with an audience of 2.5 million and quickly growing.

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Today begins the next big chapter in your life. 

Start making thousands of dollars today as a content creator and do it from ANYWHERE.

From the creative to the business side of working with a camera, I will teach you EVERYTHING I know. I will personally mentor you and guide you through the same skills and practices that took the Lost LeBlanc channel from being the tales of a broke backpacker to today being a 7-figure business with an audience of 2.5 million and quickly growing.

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50+ Video Lessons

With over 25 hours of information packed videos, LCA gives you ALL the insider tips, tricks and secrets to becoming a successful content creator. Become a pro in your business, and master your creative craft!

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Always Up to Date

Unlike courses that become outdated after a year or even months, LCA is an expanding academy meaning the content will always stay current!

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Direct mentorship from ME

LCA gives you direct access to ME and I will personally help you overcome the many challenges you are bound to face along the way. 

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Private Creator Community

Share your journey with other like minded creators who will be there to support you through the highs and lows of your journey.

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Lifetime access!

Buy once and get access for life (even when we raise the academy price).

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I’m so confident you will LOVE LCA that I am proud to offer a 30 day money back guarantee as long as you haven’t watched 50% or more of the academy.


LCA contains over 50 video tutorials, masterclasses and practical lessons covering the business and creative side of becoming a successful content creator and you have access to it for LIFE.

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If you are picking up a camera for the first time then no stress! I deep dive into the basics of using your camera, understanding the different software options for editing your photos and videos and which is likely best for you. I even break-down what camera gear is best in 2020 based on your budget.




Become a skilled photographer behind the lens and in the editing room. In LCA, I share the entire shooting process. From the raw, behind the lens reality on how I shoot my photos AND the in-studio tutorials to show you how I edit them. From colour grading in Lightroom to sky replacements in Photoshop, these are the skills that will empower you to land your dream clients and start building your online following.

Module 3

Master your Videography

Videography is the core skill that is getting freelancers paid and giving content creators the opportunity to grow their online presence today and with that, LCA will teach you how to master the art of visual storytelling. No matter where you are at today, the academy will get you READY to start landing clients and getting PAID.

Module 4

Build a PROFITABLE Business

Get PAID to work with your DREAM clients - Believe it or not, you don’t need a following to start making money today but you do need strategy. In this section I teach you how to negotiate and price yourself, how to get free hotels and experiences to keep costs low and of course, how to build up multiple income sources. Lost LeBlanc became a million dollar business through diversifying revenue streams and applying the strategies I share with you.

Module 5

Grow your online brand

There is more competition than ever before on social media but for those who have the right strategy, the opportunity has never been more exciting. In this side of the business curriculum, I will teach you how I have amassed an audience of 2.5+ million subscribers of over 200 million views across the social platforms and how YOU can too. Don’t waste another minute with strategies that don't work and start building your audience today.

the most transformitive community for content creators

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Meet my student, Christopher Lau

“Just wanted to say thank you again Christian for everything you do! You’ve completely changed my life in a great and 360 kinda way! I quit my job to travel last year and now on the verge of quitting to move to SE Asia! Thank you again for all you do - A True #teamgetlost fan, Chris”

Today, with 45K on Instagram and 10K on YouTube, Chris has leveraged his social media channels to make a FULL TIME living as a content creator. He has been able to travel around the world and experience some of the most exclusive resorts and activities and to share them with his soon to be wife who he met while traveling Thailand.

Rewind just two or so years ago, Chris was working with LinkedIn as a sales associate until he came across the Lost LeBlanc channel and through that, he stumbled onto my former Patreon channel where I taught some of the principles of running a business as a content creator. Chris took these early teachings and paired them with his incredible work-ethic to quit his job, leave San Francisco and become his own boss overnight. Chris (@seelautravel) is living his dream life and I couldn’t be happier for him.

I hope to help you take a hold of your dream life because with hard work, the right mentorship and support, this can be YOU.


See what videos are inside LCA at launch!


  • Introduction to Creative (Photoshop vs LR / Premiere vs FCPX) 5 minutesUnlock now
  • Take control of your camera (Manual shooting and fundametals) 35 minutesUnlock now
  • Master your camera (tips and tricks to maximize your camera) 35 minutesUnlock now
  • What camera should YOU get? (cameras, lenses, drones and gimbals) 61 minutesUnlock now
  • Master your PHOTOGRAPHY

  • Portrait shooting in Tokyo (behind the lens) 20 minutesUnlock now
  • Shoot photos for Instagram WITHOUT a photographer (behind the lens) 23 minutesUnlock now
  • Lightroom bootcamp (create photo edits you LOVE) 34 minutesUnlock now
  • Photoshop bootcamp (welcome the most powerful photography tool) 67 minutesUnlock now
  • Photoshop advanced bootcamp (sky replacement and composite photography) 64 minutesUnlock now
  • Create better thumbnails - get the views you deserve! 17 minutesUnlock now
  • My best and worst thumbnails (how to increase click-through rate) 37 minutesUnlock now
  • Editing my "How to Travel Bali" thumbnail (behind the edit) 18 minutesUnlock now
  • Advanced photo editing (Panorama, content aware scale, etc...) 29 minutesUnlock now
  • 5-Steps to edit a AMAZING video (Japan in 3 mins) 23 minutesUnlock now
  • Master your VIDEOGRAPHY

  • How to become CONFIDENT on camera 26 minutesUnlock now
  • Do's and don'ts of vlogging 23 minutesUnlock now
  • Drone 101 - fly like a pro (Tips, tricks, and settings) 39 minutesUnlock now
  • Final Cut Pro bootcamp (start editing like a pro) 72 minutesUnlock now
  • How to edit videos on a slow computer (Proxy media and library management) 42 minutesUnlock now
  • Colour grade like a pro (easy 2-step process) 44 minutesUnlock now
  • How to maximize your audio (EQ and audio post production) 14 minutesUnlock now
  • How to edit a travel video (start to finish) 83 minutesUnlock now
  • How to film a cinematic video - Bali waterfall adventure (behind the lens) 28 minutesUnlock now
  • How to edit a cinematic video - Bali waterfall adventure (behind the edit) part 1 48 minutesUnlock now
  • How to edit a cinematic video - Bali waterfall adventure (behind the edit) part 2 91 minutesUnlock now
  • How to edit a cinematic video - Bali waterfall adventure (behind the edit) part 3 53 minutesUnlock now
  • How to shoot a timelapse (3 methods) 12 minutesUnlock now
  • How to edit a timelapse 23 minutesUnlock now
  • How I edited my BEST video yet (behind the edit of "Sleep Can Wait") 73 minutesUnlock now
  • Build a profitable business

  • How to make money with NO following 27 minutesUnlock now
  • How to position your business (build a brand that will last) 15 minutesUnlock now
  • How Lost LeBlanc became a 7 figure business (my revenue streams) 32 minutesUnlock now
  • How do brand deals work? (Get your first client!) 20 minutesUnlock now
  • Walkthrough my first brand deal (my first $ earned as a content creator) 18 minutesUnlock now
  • How to do brand deals that DON'T hurt your brand 17 minutesUnlock now
  • The power of a well-written email (my email templates for collaborating) 20 minutesUnlock now
  • How to price yourself? (get paid what you deserve) 35 minutesUnlock now
  • How to negotiate (get the upper hand in the deal) 21 minutesUnlock now
  • Art of the collaboration (Get free hotels, products and really anything) 26 minutesUnlock now
  • The #1 monetization opportunity most creators miss (email funnel) 16 minutesUnlock now
  • Getting Collaborations WITHOUT a Large Following (Christopher Lau) 35 minutesUnlock now
  • How much should you charge for freelance work (ft. Emmett Sparling) 35 minutesUnlock now
  • Grow your online brand

  • How to grow on Instagram (the things you need to start today) 20 minutesUnlock now
  • Conquer the Instagram algorithm (what really matters?) 20 minutesUnlock now
  • How to grow on YouTube (the things you need to start today) 20 minutesUnlock now
  • Get your YouTube videos in the top search results (Search engine optimization) 17 minutesUnlock now
  • How to become a content creator while working another job 17 minutesUnlock now
  • How to store and organize your files (media management 101) 17 minutesUnlock now
  • How I record from my studio (lighting, audio, and camera setup) 11 minutesUnlock now
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    who am i

    Christian LeBlanc

    My name is Christian and I’m a 26 year old from Canada living in Bali. Five years ago, I was working a 9-5 job that was considered to be the “dream” opportunity but somehow found myself depressed and drained. In that difficult time, I learned the most important lesson of my life. I discovered that no amount of money or success would make me happy if I wasn’t doing what I loved. So, I quit. I sold everything I owned and bought a 1-way ticket to Thailand with no money, no real skills as a content creator and NO idea what I was doing. 

    I spent the next 5 years making a ton of mistakes and a few great decisions. Through this trial and error, I have been able to build a 7-figure business by age 25, see the world with my loved ones, and work with some of my favorite brands. But most of all, I’ve been able to earn my dream income by doing something I would have done for free. Now, let's help you do the same.


    frequently asked questions

    How does the mentorship work?

    You get direct access to ME. Got a question about a new lens you’re considering buying? Ask me. Having a hard time finding paying clients? Let’s chat strategy and tactics. Want feedback on a recent video? I’d love to review it and share my thoughts and feedback

    Is LCA really accessible for life?

    YES. It’s that simple. Buy once, learn and grow with myself and the community for life.

    Are there hidden fees?

    Not a single one. The price you see even includes tax so it’s just that one time fee.

    LCA is a considerable investment, will I get my moneys worth?

    LCA now has roughly 500 members and each and everyone of them have raved of the insane amount of value they got for their investment. And because the academy’s content grows daily, your investment only becomes more worthwhile by the day. I am so confident you will LOVE LCA that I even have a 30 day money back guarantee so it’s RISK FREE. When you land your first paying client because of LCA and break the many months of slow social growth, this will become the best investment you’ve ever made.

    “LCA is worth every dollar! I love the community and I am already seeing progress in my work” @Sarah_Sittezoellner

    Can I pay monthly?

    Yes! We have recently launched a payment plan allowing you to break up the payments.

    Is LCA about Travel?

    NO - This is a common misconception. LCA shows you how to create AMAZING travel content but these lessons are 100% relevant no matter what genre or category of content you create. If you are a personal trainer, a beauty vlogger, a food blogger or really anyone that wants to grow your online presence and elevate your brand with beautiful content, then LCA is for you!

    Will I be able to earn money on social media after taking this academy?

    If you go on to practice the business and creative skills taught in LCA, you will be ready to start earning thousands of dollars as a freelance videographer and photographer from ANYWHERE.

    What is the value of the private LCA community?

    Dozens of LCA members have told me that their favourite things about LCA is this community group. It has enbaled members from around the world to collaborate, plan trips together, and support one another in growing their businesses. It has enabled members to be able to share this unique journey with likeminded individuals who they would not have been able to find otherwise. In addition to community, this is where you can ask your questions, get feedback on your work, and join in on the countless Creator Challenges we host in the exclusive community group!

    Will this academy be too advanced for someone who has never picked up a camera before?

    ANYONE can enter LCA and with time and practice become a true professional. It’s built for any skill level!

    I already have started making videos and doing photography; is this academy still for me?

    If you have a head start, then that is fantastic because we have a ton of high-level editing tutorials, business mastery and creator challenges that will take your current skills and push them to improve. LCA is built for any skill level!

    How many videos are in the academy?

    At the moment there are around 50 videos and 25 hours of information packed content.

    How long will you continue to update the academy for?

    This is my new full-time job. Content will continue to grow for many years to come and there is no end in sight.

    What gear and software do I need for this academy?

    You can start today without any software by focusing on the business modules and even some of the creative basics but when it’s time to dive in to editing, you will need a way to edit. You can certainly start with free editing software for mobile phones and computers however I recommend you get started with Adobe’s creative suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro) or FinalCut Pro X