Each video is about 5 minutes and is a small preview of the 25+ hours of training in the Lost Creator Academy.

From step-by-step video and photo editing tutorials, industry insider training videos, and mentorship directly from me, you will find everything you need to launch & monetize your dream job with the Lost Creator Academy.


Module 1

Confidence on Camera

This is a strategy I used to become comfortable in front of the camera and I guarantee you, you will see massive improvements in your camera presence if you use it too!

Module 2

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting

Sometimes you learn the most through mistakes and missed opportunities, BUT hopefully you won’t have to learn these lessons the same way I did.

Module 3

5 Things to Make Your Videos WAY Better

Story is the most important part to any video but, it definitely doesn’t hurt to make sure you can communicate your story through beautiful visuals. Here are a few tools that have been game-changing in my cinematic storytelling.

Module 4

Which Social Media Platform is Best?

In today’s social media landscape, it can be extremely challenging to pick and choose which platform is right for YOU and that is why I wanted to share what my thoughts are on each of the major social platforms today.

Module 5

5 Things to Make Your Photos WAY Better

There are countless great photographers but many of them struggle to standout among the crowd because they lack the knowledge. These are some of the top tools to elevate your photography above the competition.

Module 6

How to Get Free Hotels? (With or Without a Following)

From getting a free stay at a hotel to receiving a complimentary dining experience, the principles are the same and these are the basics to start landing collaborations TODAY (even when you can’t offer social reach).

Module 7

What are the Risks of Becoming a Content Creator?

All important life decisions come with a certain level of uncertainty and this is what I believe to be your biggest “risks” to becoming a content creator.

Module 8

Vlogging Do’s and Don’ts

As someone who has never been a natural on camera, I’ve been lucky to have a patient and constructive audience and they have helped me grow out of my bad vlogging habits. Whether you are making an Instagram Story or a YouTube video, let’s make sure you skip some of the learning curve.

Module 9

How to Make Money as a Content Creator

The Lost LeBlanc channel became a million-dollar business by diversifying revenue streams from day 1. Here is a lightning-quick summary on how to make money and how to price yourself.

Module 10

Is it Too Late to Become a Content Creator?

This is something I get asked a lot. It’s true that there is more competition BUT, there are also some major advantages and here is why today is the right time to start.

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I built a million dollar business with a camera - you can too

This is my story of how a camera changed my life. It helped me escape a 9-5 that drained the joy of my day to day. It allowed me to see the world and share it with my loved ones. It enabled me to build a million-dollar business from the road. But most of all, it enabled me to make a living doing what I love. Every single day. I want this to become your story and that is why I built LCA. The social media and content creator industry is full of opportunity if you have the skills and know-how and that is why on March 1st, I will show you how to make your dream life your reality.